Subject-Verb Agreement Exercises for Class 8 Quiz

Subject-verb agreement is an important grammatical concept that class 8 students should master. It is a basic rule that ensures that the subject and the verb in a sentence agree in number. When the subject is singular, the verb should be singular, and when the subject is plural, the verb should be plural. This rule may be easy to understand, but it can be challenging to apply correctly in writing.

To help students practice subject-verb agreement, teachers can give quizzes with exercises that require them to identify and correct errors in sentences. Here are a few examples of subject-verb agreement exercises that teachers can use in class 8 quizzes.

Exercise 1: Circle the correct verb

1. The group of students (is, are) going on a field trip next week.

2. The dog and the cat (chase, chases) each other around the house.

3. Mary, along with her friends, (enjoys, enjoy) playing board games.

4. Neither the students nor the teacher (is, are) happy with the exam results.

5. The jury (deliberates, deliberate) for hours before reaching a verdict.

Exercise 2: Correct the verb in parentheses

1. The team of athletes (has) won several championships.

2. A copy of the report (were) found on the copier.

3. The group of students (is) responsible for cleaning up the classroom.

4. The committee (meets) every Monday to discuss new ideas.

5. The couple (has) been married for 20 years.

Exercise 3: Rewrite the sentence with the correct subject-verb agreement

1. The book on the shelf is (belong) to the library.

Answer: The book on the shelf belongs to the library.

2. The herd of cows (graze) in the meadow.

Answer: The herd of cows grazes in the meadow.

3. The pair of shoes (need) to be replaced.

Answer: The pair of shoes needs to be replaced.

4. One of the students (was) absent from school yesterday.

Answer: One of the students was absent from school yesterday.

5. The company with its subsidiaries (is) headquartered in the city.

Answer: The company with its subsidiaries is headquartered in the city.

These subject-verb agreement exercises will help students practice their grammar skills and improve their writing. By taking quizzes regularly, students will become more comfortable and confident in using subject-verb agreement correctly in their writing. Teachers can also use these exercises as a tool to assess students’ understanding of this grammar concept and provide feedback for improvement.